Design samples for 70m2 apartment in European furniture style

This style is a combination between neoclassical furniture and creation of decorative art, which brings an excellent furniture style for romantic and gentle couples.

The following excellent suggestions are for families who are intended to design the furniture to their apartment, with only 70m2 in area, through the architect’s arrangement and lay-out, the house looks tidy, full of amenities and it is important that it is really luxurious and stylized.

With open design, living room and kitchen are close each other, behind sofa back is the kitchen with cabinet and kitchen island where serve breakfast meals or small parties for the family. With such arrangement to the space, the area of living room looks cooler in the space of wide circulation. The 30m2 area for living room and kitchen in apartments is cramped, thus it is important for the house master to make a proper and convenient arrangement.


A small panel wall in living room is placed with a wall picture and a standby ottoman. The picture makes a sketch of a high-rise building by Chrysler Corporation, built in 1930, this decorative picture helps the house master always feel comfortable and remind the tour in the US.

Big-sized window helps the natural light and the atmosphere easily light up and circulate in the rooms. The natural light and the atmosphere help family members always feel more comfortable and healthy. A sofa set is intended for relaxation and reading, a round table with coated metal frame is the current trend of furniture.

In front of sofa in living room are TV cabinet, amplifier and decorations. This is a walk-in cabinet set which is put its back to the wall of bed room, this design saves the space and creates many spaces for decorations and essential items in the house.

Kitchen’s materials use natural wood, the space is moderately designed so that the woman can easily move and handle in this kitchen. This is a typical kitchen sample with kitchen table and kitchen island, which helps kitchen chores become easier.

Soft details of table and sofa make them look sophisticated and luxurious.

The bed is designed in light and warm colors. On the bedhead is an agate flag. The entire palette in the furniture is distributed in strange natural stone patterns.

Dressing table is designed in the spirit of changing room of famous cinema stars, maintaining the positive atmosphere to female users.

The following are design samples for the 70m2 apartment in European design style in neoclassical trend for your reference. Please apply to your apartment for a desired space.