General policies and provisions


1. General principles: is a sales website with the domain name of (Hereinafter referred to as Bellahome) established and operated by A Dong Furniture and Advertising Co., Ltd, which is established and operated according to the business registration certificate No.0304645747 issued by Department of Planning and Investment of Ho Chi Minh City, the first time of registration dated October 23, 2006

– Bellahome members are business people, organizations and individuals having legal commercial activities officially recognized by Bellahome and allowed to use services provided by Bellahome.

– These principles are applied to members who sign up for the services offered by Bellahome.

– Business people, organizations and individuals participating in transactions on Bellahome are free to negotiate on the basis of respecting the legitimate rights and interests of the parties participating in recruitment activities through contracts, which are not contrary to the law.

– Information about business people, organizations and individuals participating as members of Bellahome must be transparent and accurate.

– Products, goods and services participating in transactions on Bellahome must be allowed to trade and circulate and not be prohibited from business or advertising in accordance with the law.

– Activities of selling vouchers, selling at a price lower than the previous sale price, which are applicable for a certain time or with a certain number of customers on Bellahome must be carried out openly, transparently, ensuring consumers’ interest.

– By participating in a transaction on Bellahome, members must do their own research and be considered to have learned their rights and obligations, agree to be bound and committed to comply with the content of Bellahome’s Operation Regulations (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulation”) in effect at the time Business people/ Client makes a transaction. The contents of this Regulation must comply with the current legal system of Vietnam.

2. General provisions:

In this Regulation, unless otherwise required by the subject or the context, the following words and terms shall have the following meanings:

– Bellahome is for individuals, business people (i) wishing to introduce, sell goods and / or services on Bellahome and (ii) have signed a contract with A Dong Furniture and Advertising Co., Ltd. to use other sales services on Bellahome (hereinafter referred to as “Businessman/ Seller”). – Customers participating in a transaction on Bellahome are (i) any individual with full civil act capacity from 15 years of age or older and having assets to make a purchase of Products on Bellahome and (ii) any organizations, which are legally established and operated under the provisions of Vietnamese law (hereinafter referred to as “Customer/ Buyer”).

– Members: are business people / organizations / individuals that register to use Bellahome, including Businessman/ Seller and Customer/ Buyer.

– Products: are goods and services traded on Bellahome.

– Intellectual Property: any registered or unregistered patents, copyrights, designs, rights to designs, registered or unregistered trademarks, service marks or industrial property rights or other intellectual property rights and including applications for any of the above.