Apartment 60m2 design in Rustic style – Containing pastoral, rustic beauty

Modern but simple, fresh, natural are characteristics in Rustic style which is applied in furniture design to the following apartment. With the 60m2 area, Bella Home will show you strange attraction of this design style.

The apartment has the 60m2 area, which is enough so that a young couple cleverly arranges the furniture, creates a pretty home to their family. A problem to architects is to create a friendly, warm space bringing comfortable, wide feelings to everyone. In particular, each small corner expresses the simple, rustic beauty in full functions. After discussion, architects listen to expectations from the house master to realize desires from family members.

The apartment is designed in an open space, including living room, dining room and small kitchen, using red as the typical highlight. Selecting red color in furniture design is not easy, using too much red color in the same space may lead to too hot and outstanding feelings, quite unlike the peaceful space everyone desires to bring into their home. The house master has created the Retro style with a clay wall which is accidentally formed, thoroughly painted and highlighted by picture frame.

First of all, to bring the warm, modern feeling, wine luxurious corner sofa brings the overall space which is luxurious, sophisticated, keen but not heavy.

To bring the Retro beauty to the living space, the architect has used velvet material and dark tones such as wine or wood brown and delicate, secret, subtle lines to the space. Combining with black stone-stripe square marble tea table which is unique and sophisticated

Looking from living room, we can see kitchen area and dining table, in this space wine almost exists as the highlight in the space of key white and grey colors. Just coming in this space, as if we travel to the US full sense of beauty and peace, where heavy pressure of work, noise in the urban life everyday seem to stop outside the door. There is a warm space, where the time and the love seem to stop.

A old wood wall is combined with European-styled dining table set, which brings the gentle, quiet but modern breath. Using old, natural materials like wood chips, designs emphasize simplicity and comfort.

The apartment floor uses rustic color, material, creating background color for small details to make them impressive. Natural wood surface dining table combined with 3D wall picture with arranged wood chips creates the unique feature.

The kitchen area uses panorama window welcoming the natural light in the house at most, besides, the dining area uses 02 lights with sedge cage which is light enough in the evening to enjoy warm meals with family members.

To optimize the area, transit corridor path between the spaces is uniquely designed, the rest zone is integrated between a bench and dark drawers, making the space more tidy. Eco-friendly wood grey brown is prioritized by the architect, and cleverly starting its “story”. All functional zones are connected together by colors without separation, separated by a firm wall, zones are adjoined each other. The wood wall is mounted with a black-white skateboard making the space become unique and tidy.

The soul of the house master makes the beauty of the living space, on starting this Retro space, the architect has focused on each detail. Here, the unique point is the selection of three wood types in different colors and patterns for floor, wall and seat.

To separate between the private space and the corridor, the house master has used a X-pattern retaining wall in the lines which are sweet but strong, nostalgic but modern in the Retro style.

Bed room is simply designed in the strong style the architect has been using. Sleeping pad is directly lied on the floor.

The impressive point in this space is to catch all natural light, the room receives the sunlight when using big-sized window, in the evening, the room is lighted up by light-yellow night lamps.


Sleeping pad is fit in with the floor, which is a unique idea, blanket is knit by large yarns bought by the house master on demand. The bed room space is both rustic and nature-friendly when using trees and flowers for decoration.

Bath room uses grey moss-green as the key color in the classical style in tiling and natural wood bath tub. Bath room carpet uses chevron pattern, which includes many V up and down letters adjoining each other in the zig-zag line. The bed room space will become outstanding with chevron black-white carpet contrary to the grey floor.

Vatiny natural wood table and uniqueness in wavy design make you feel as if you are coming in an area, two wine lavabos help this room become warmer.

Grey and green are used as the highlight, which make bath room become separated in the apartment in this Retro modern style. The architect has cleverly selected dark colors which are connected together by grey, the space becomes dreamlike and peaceful by visually “suitable” colors.

The 60m2 apartment is not too large but the lay-out in the Retro style by the Architect has brought the satisfaction of arrangement, combined with materials, harmonized colors, lively patterns, enjoyableness, interestingness, which is typical of the charm in the Rustic design style.

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