Strange furniture design in modern apartment

Today, apartments are an option of a lot of people, it is not easy to own an apartment that is not only beautiful, suitable with the family income but also convenient to meet needs of use of the house master. The majority of current apartment furniture designs loved by the youth is the modern style, thus Bella Home offers 02 favorite modern designs to you.

Furniture design for the 80m2 apartment –  perfectly beautiful option for apartments

With light and neutral colors, in modern and elegant style, this design brings a different experience to the house master.


Living room is a combination of a perfect design, the combination between colors and furniture lay-out, decoration in each line, all support each other to create a modern, ideal space. Colors and the light are properly combined and balanced, when the architect selects furniture items in colors corresponding to the modern style associated with the source of light, the apartment becomes sparkling, eye-catching.



With open space design, there is no separation between living room and kitchen, but common and private spaces are separated in the respective arrangement. The common space is designed in the open space, creating the clearness to the entire room.


The living room space is arranged in the feng shui and the personal style of the house master, it is indispensable for a perfectly beautiful house to combine between exterior beauty and aesthetics in the arrangement of functions. Sofa is placed opposite to brown TV shelf to make a harmony in the room.


A minimal space in open arrangement brings the clearness full the natural light to the room. TV shelf is integrated with interspace wall in wood material and wood system, which brings the unique highlight to the simple but unique space, warm colors combined with natural and artificial light create warmness and closeness.

Space in 70m2 apartment – Full amenities


The 70m2 area of the apartment is not too large but not too narrow, thus it is very important to select appropriate items, separate room, spaces. White is selected as the key color in this design, bringing the airy and comfortable space in activities. Cream sofa is combined with round wire knitting tea table and side white tulip table.


TV wall shelf is coated with cloud tile bringing the luxurious, elegant beauty, easily combining with other furniture. Round wire knitting tea table combined with sofa creates closeness, rusticity to the entire space.


In this space, kitchen and dining room are individually designed, mainly in modern and optimal orientation. The furniture space uses luxurious golden details, which are highlights in the design of this apartment, bringing the street-wise and luxurious beauty.


Kitchen and dining zone are cleverly separated by a partition but interference remains. The 6-seat dining table in electrostatic painting iron material with stone surface bring the wide, comfortable feeling to family members in meals. Grace armless leather chair is very smooth, luxurious when combining with this table sample, they attract all attentions right from the first look, the style is simple but sophisticated.


White L kitchen cabinet together with multi-drawer cabinet below make the space become more tidy. The fridge is place close to access door, all supports each other to create the perfect space.


The room is widely and coolly arranged, separated into two specific spaces bringing the comfortable, convenient feeling. The room uses simple furniture such as bed, dressing table, night stand, the space has big-sized glass window bringing a lot of natural light full of vitality.


The bed room space is designed in two key colors of white and wood brown, bed room is inserted a bit brown grey bringing a source of positive energy full of vitality to the space. Together with the key color, brown fabric bed with stylized bedhead, grey night stand, glossy Acrylic dressing table.

The housing space is not only a place of activities, relaxation to your family but also expresses the manners and the lifestyle, thus please look after your home in polished, meticulous manner. The foregoing are 02 suggestions from Bella Home, hope that we can help you choose a modern, convenient living space.

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