Arrangement of work room at home everyone wants

Work room plays an important role in work efficiency as well as working inspiration for each person. Therefore, furniture design and arrangement for work corner is very important.

Not always you have sufficient time to deal with all tasks in the company. And you can select to work in some place like coffee shop or simply your dear home.

For this reason, in house design, construction, many households want to design a room for working. Work room may become reading room, learning room for children when they do not want to learn in their bed room or simply a place where you work. However, pay attention to some notes in feng shui science to reach the highest efficiency when working at home.


  1. Position

You should select a zone with sunlight, possibly close to the window. A bright work place with natural light will stimulate your thought, creation. Your work efficiency will be much higher.

  1. Light

Take initiative to install the lighting system to light up the work room. Lights should be identical in moderate lighting mode. Always keep the room airy using ventilation system. Select the room with many windows to circulate the air.


  1. Space

Subject to occupation and objective requirement for the work, arrange the space suitable with, favorable to the work.

Clean up disordered objects to make the work room clean and tidy.

  1. Tree

Proper table trees include Chlorophytum comosum, Dumb-cane, Hedera helix, Narcissus, etc. These trees purify the air to reduce hazards caused by radiation.

You should select trees with big or round leaves rather than sharp, pointed leaves to create the equable feeling. However, you had better select trees with moderate size to avoid dankness to the work corner.


  1. Simple working table

Your working table is not too big and sophisticated. A simple working table will occupy a small area in the room. You can select folding table. On working, you should open the table and close it when not using.

  1. Bookcase

If your work requires many references, you should use working tables with many shelves and compartments. As a result, you do not move a lot to take everything you need.

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