Eye-catching Luxury dining room – Affirming the rank of the house master

Luxury architecture style has strongly developed in the world over the past time, and in Vietnam, this style has satisfied all demands of a senior, luxurious apartment, villa.

Luxury, warmness, sustainability over time and starting a source of living inspiration every day are the first feelings while experiencing the dining room space hereunder, it becomes more impressive when it is known that each item in this room is meticulously selected from building the idea to design and material selection.

Tidy, delicate lines, sophistication in each line, intelligence in structure handling have brought the most “standard” view to the room any guest praises when coming in here.


A combination between the material and the light is the highlight of the dining room, each detail, each material is meticulously calculated so as to show off the rank of the house master.

The house master gets also emotionally involved in the chair sample that has high back, titanium gold-coated stainless steel foots, which is one of the important and indispensable details in this dining room space. Covering the external chair is soft velvet material that is thick, smooth, safe to the health of the user.

Backrest design is connected with low armrest, this helps the seater feel comfortable, relaxed, reduce the pressure at neck, shoulder, back and hip. Two low armrest sides ensure clearness and make more comfortable when seating.

Although being a small detail, perhaps the highlight for the chair is the runner, which makes the space more luxurious, more beautiful.

The seater will feel sophisticated details, difference, perfectness and valuableness of chair design. Each detail is an artwork, continuous creation and passion of both the designer and the feeler. The architect has told a story of miracle that has open ending and developed to the highest level, which is enough to overcome all boundaries of various cultures, arts.

Gold-coated details are harmonized with decorations, stone table surface with felt-covered foots. Each design is just the most sensational combination between elegance, exquisiteness and fancifulness, if velvet expresses smoothness through flexible details, gold-coated stainless steel foots show firmness.


Hiding the “unique and strange” exterior of each product is just the permanent quality challenging the abrasion over time. Though appearing in luxurious hotels, villas or senior apartments, they are artworks with high aesthetics in the space.

Bella Home’s suggestions:

Bella Home dining chair NAQ12-M is made from oak frame and velvet fabric, which foots have gold-coated stainless steel details. With sophisticated, design, dining chair NAQ12-M brings the luxury to the space, each chair detail has created the power to the owner.

One of the prevalent designs owned Bella Home is dining chair OKS01 which is beautiful, elegant but strong character bringing a charming feeling to the space.

To possess extremely luxurious spaces, high-raking dining chairs, classic designs over time, you should choose beautiful, high-quality, sophisticated samples, etc., thus you are not disappointed with the luxury, elegance and exquisiteness, etc.

Showroom address:

Bella Home Showroom: 111 -113 Nguyen Co Thach, Sala Urban area, Thu Thiem, District 2

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