Interior design for an apartment of 160m2 Luxury- The enchanting pink gray color

Be luxurious and intimate, using light colors with Pastel pink combining materials such as copper, stainless steel in the interior design of the apartment of 160m2 below is a close connection between Luxury style and a bit of “femininity”, always creating a feeling of closeness, suitable for those who love the formal and untough Luxury style.

When you wake up tomorrow, every drop of sunlight is gently pouring on every small corner of the apartment, gently spreading in the space, makes the room be dyed with the bright dawn color, you gently step on the cool wooden floor to feel the purity of the early morning sunlight flowing into the house through the large door.


The apartment is designed in an open space, extremely luxurious with a pinkish gray tone of sofa, combined with a pair of tea tables with gold-plated stainless steel frame and white stone and cloud texture surface; 1 high table, 1 low table are subtly coupled. The leg frame of the large table is higher, accounting for 2/3 of the round, so that the remaining gap of 1/3 is for the leg of the small table, making a beautiful and unique design.

In addition to the corner sofa, the homeowner also combines with 2 single sofas with round pillars combined with plated stainless steel, they are designed to ensure functionality. The round chandelier with crystal fringe brightens up the whole room, making the space more luxurious and attractive. The design is not too fussy, the circles of different sizes create a unique feature for the living room.

Opposite the sofa is a TV shelf using marble tile wall brings elegance, outstanding beauty, and durability over time, to create more impression, the architect uses golden lines.

A luxurious space, close to nature with a glass door system helps homeowners relax after daily stress. The architect uses a pinkish gray tone that girls especially adore.

The homeowner will feel really peaceful when entering this bedroom, a bedroom with warm colors, above all others, the main color of the room also motivates the family members to return home after a tired working day. This bedroom is also special because the owner uses a hanging bed light like a water drop, with crystal material that makes the room glow even when the curtains are drawn to a close.

A pastel pink working room is truly feminine, looking at this space, we can predict that the owner is female and she loves pink color. Pink-gray also shows a modernity, with a breath of liberty, sophistication and elegance. This is also the harmonious color combination when the pink sofa is placed close to the wall, creating an elegant, polite and attractive design.

The cabinet system is also used in pink- white, intelligently integrates as a locker, and the vanity in the middle. The desk has an extremely simple design, with a removable storage compartment, a rolling leg Beetle chair so that the occupant can be more comfortable when working, the room also takes the advantages of natural light from the window. In addition, very small details such as decorative flower vase are elaborated to make the space more subtle.

For the dining room, the architect uses a modern and sophisticated design with a very attractive style, the dining table has conquered the homeowner at first sight with the central pivot design, the table top is made of white stone bright marble, natural stone surface heat pressed to create texture. The harmony of the table and chair is that the chair frame is used with plated stainless steel with luxurious style, and the seat is covered with pink-gray cushion similar to the color of sofa in the living room.

Luxury-style designs still have a strong attraction to many people belonging to luxury. BellaHome is expanding interior design services that can accompany customers more deeply in building a home, designing and arranging space. If you have a demand, please contact BellaHome immediately for consulting.

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