Luxury apartment with golden charm

The high class does not mean to be showy; it comes from many concise factors. It is the combination of a perfect design, exquisite lines, selected materials, skillful manipulation and a long history of the brand. As a trend, Luxury is chosen by many “rich men” with golden color.

Only connoisseurs know that, for the furniture placed in their home space, when they used, they can feel the perfection to every detail of seam, material, or sophisticated design, and never untrendy.

The owner of this apartment does not follow luxury material, he focuses on selective experiences, demonstrating the owner’s liking and understanding. The “connoisseur and quality” lifestyle not only emphasizes sophistication but also always needs the functional value of each product, it is certainly not a popular product.

The design is done on the principle of creating flexibility for the apartment, solutions of expanding sensibly through the combination of common spaces of the living room, kitchen and dining room to a seamless axis, airy layout create the warm connection for the common area of ​​the apartment. This also provides more opportunity of connection between family members, while you are cooking, you are still talking with other members sitting in the living room.

A corner sofa for a large living room, knotted detail on a simple design and luxurious gray color, the sofa becomes a perfect highlight for a luxurious space that is both modern and classic. Soft, smooth velvet fabric, solid wood frame, gold-plated legs bring a golden color, creating a sense of comfort for the user.

Contemporary features of the kitchen can be seen from the bar stool located in front of the kitchen island, this kitchen is small, the design has taken the advantage of the kitchen island to make a dining table. This is a great kitchen for dining and entertainment, and it is also very simple and easy to manage kitchen activities.

As a popular color trend in recent times, the golden color like a connecting thread, sometimes less, sometimes more depending on the level, embellishes for this luxurious space. In this space, walls, lights and console tables using gold-plated stainless steel create a new, fresh and extremely expensive look. This combination is even more prominent when using gray as the background and accentuating the golden details.

The private space will be embellished with romance and elegance with delicate, gentle, gray neoclassical bed style. A perfect mixture that captures the finest essence of the modern style. It is the luxury, high- class of materials and design combined with minimalism, elegance of curved lines and courteous colors.

Glass and stainless steel plated with gold and textured stone are the main choice for this luxurious apartment, so is the wardrobe, as its name Luxury, you definitely imagine a luxurious and extremely delicate interior space, right?

It is true when looking at this bedroom space, you can also imagine the smallest details such as the motifs, in this space, all products reach absolute sophistication, refinement, and they are carefully selected to achieve a glossy finish that attracts everyone’s eyes. The relaxing chair with a unique lotus-shaped design can easily mix and match different colors and styles to create a unique space.

The beautiful color combination between golden and gray gives the neoclassical look to the furniture, instead of using wooden tables like other designs, here the architect uses the gold-plated stainless steel legs, with unique fish scale design. Not only tables, but also mirrors, paper stoppers or towel shelves are plated with stainless steel to bring a great, fresh look to the bathroom. Especially when they are combined with marble material.

Golden color is presented in the bathroom with small details, the golden color itself is a prominent highlight, to neutralize the splendor of this color, the architect matches with the gray-brown color of the stone texture to be in tune with and interact with other spaces in the luxurious spirit.

The apartment above is a golden inspiration to the gold plated stainless steel items, creating a Luxury style, stainless steel and shiny furniture creates a prominent effect on the different gray background of the space. Wall and ceiling details combined with furniture bring the luxury for the apartment. Indeed, this is a valuable care and investment for your home, a desirable living space.

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