Luxury furniture – The remainder of perfect living space

If architectural design brings the shape and the structure to an apartment, furniture design contributes to perfecting the luxury and the sophistication of living space. Among the styles, Luxury-styled furniture design is really the remainder of perfect living space.

Not only does Luxury furniture act as items inserted to satisfy needs of use and fill gaps but essentially it also highlights the beauty of the apartment and affirms aesthetic taste of the house master as well.

Finding inspiration from modern architecture, furniture design mainly focuses on the symmetry and the balance in each detail. Neither breaking the old order nor rising in rebellion, items in the housing space follow the standard of typical, reasonable symmetry, making the arrangement become simpler and easier.

Corner sofa set is luxurious but simple without too many details, but this simplicity has really conquered the house master. Corner type combined with luxurious fabric material have created a perfect, eye-catching product.

Power fabric is the selected material in this space, ensuring comfort, smoothness, creating a comfortable feelings in the use of the product. Double cylinder tea table set, which is considered as the highlight of living room, is a double table set including main and secondary tables in modern, sophisticated and flexible design in the decoration and the use.

Gold-coated stainless steel tea table is designed in eye-catching and sophisticated manner, meticulously processed and polished in each detail, in gold-coated round frame design, which is bronze gold coated and glazed, ensuring good bearing, firmness, safety in the use of the table. Yellow color combined with high quality tempered glass surface help show off the sophisticated beauty and the luxury of the product.

Collins dining chair in arc back design holding close to the body supports safe backbone in the long time, graceful design and velvet material have really neutralized “the coldness” of black stone surface. Collins chair soil brown, which seems to blend with black color of stone surface, is just the highlight of dining room.

Luxury bedroom space brings the luxury to the upper class, if you are finding Luxury bedroom furniture that is unique, strange, beautiful and high-ranking, it is true. The bed is covered with high quality leather, design lines are sound and irreducible but strong, enduring.

Suggestions of bedroom from Bella Home are Bed sample NA8008-M in 180x200cm dimension, which is made by natural wood frame combined with high quality leather bed head.

Bed sample NA9090-M in 180x200cm dimension, which is made by natural wood frame, covered with high quality fabric, in which bed head and bed end are pressed in segments and formalized creating smoothness, flexibility. These are surely luxurious furniture everyone wants.

Dressing table is integrated with TV shelf, whole-body mirror which absolute height from the ceiling to the floor brings the feeling of enlarged space. Gold-coated stainless steel details create the highlight, bring the luxury, reflect the light making the room become sparkling.

Bath room becomes a luxurious space by using grey stripe marble, bringing the warmness to the space. Modern items connect the whole space together, bringing a sophisticated and luxurious view to the space.

After a tired working day, everyone desires to keep their body in bathtub to remove all dust. Border metal details, reflected lighting contribute to the attraction of bath room.

Furniture arrangement is carefully, meticulously calculated in each function, small detail. Walk-in shelf contributes to creating a beautiful, tidy space as it does not occupy a lot of space but contains a great number of necessary items. Wainscot panel in bath room, which is selected by architects, is waterproof material, walk-in shelves herein and reflecting details help restrict the cramped feeling.

Contemplating the apartment space in this Luxury style, you certainly guest to some extent the character of the apartment owner. It is a person who has manners and attitude and very sophisticated aesthetic taste. If having a demand of lump-sump apartment design – construction, please contact Bella Home for consultancy, or the said suggested products are the “furniture” work for the home of the house master.

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