Luxury-styled villa furniture – The living standard of upper class

From up until now, upper class is known as rich people, thus apartments, villas, town houses are designed in the Luxury style to satisfy demands of living and enjoyment to the rich.

In addition to expensive branded goods or cars, a premium villas is a way for upper class to affirm the rank, the following is villa furniture in the true Luxury style meeting the strict standard of the rich.

Selecting the Luxury style being loved in recent years, architects have combined and divided between furniture items and ceiling-wall lines in order to create a harmonized, original, luxurious and sophisticated living space to the villa space.

The entire design of living room does not use too remarkable or bright colors, the architect mainly combines neutral colors in a space, bringing luxury, sophistication and peace.

The most remarkable item in living room is a sofa set in the Luxury style, this sofa is carefully designed in each detail to bring modern and comfortable feelings. Corner sofa is not sophisticated but brings the distant feeling through light grey beige cushion in combination with multi-color small bolster, making us look back on modern furniture designs.


Round tea table, which is alternate, stone surface, gold-coated stainless steel edge, not only functions as a normal tea table but also considers an outstanding artwork.

Tea table is an “excellent product” that combines all factors of freshness, uniqueness, high quality material, sustainability and luxury. Especially, the table is smartly designed which stone surface may be spread into 02 round surfaces or folded into 01 round thick surface. This flexible design idea enables the house master to easily adjust surface dimension in the intended use.

Arrangement and use of furniture in similar colors have created the synchronization while gold-coated stainless steel details make the space more charming and luxurious.


Console table, which is covered with velvet and gold coated in stainless steel foot frame in beautiful arrangement, will make the space more charming but not occupying too many area.

Open kitchen in the Luxury furniture villa space is the style being loved in recent years. The room space is optimized, a division between two spaces of living room and kitchen is created by a bar. Kitchen cabinets use the same color of the wall, making the space seem more enlarged.


Beautiful, luxurious bed room in European style is combined by many materials, wood brown color, sparkling metal details and bedhead fabric-covered high bed that is loved now.


Not only the luxury, this room has created a “relaxed culture” to the rich, you will always find continuous innovation by endless creation in aesthetics and materials in the intended use.

It is easy to see high-quality, unique materials having priority to using in this room. In the bed room space, it is easy to identify that bed, bedroom tab or bedroom bench have furniture lines that are meticulously processed by artists who have high aesthetics. Not just that, these products meet the living standard of the house master to the highest extent.

The Bath room is blended with light colors to create the feeling of wider space, marble material and indirect light help enlarge the space, bringing the cooler and cleaner feeling.

The space will become more friendly, eye-catching and comfortable, all furniture arrangement in this room has created the comfort, the luxury much more.

It is excellent to experience the rank of the luxury in the house by changing the look to the living space. Seizing the psychology of enjoying the life from the rich, Bella Home offers the service of lump-sump furniture design – construction in high discount, not only do we give prominence to aesthetics, but Bella Home is also your fellow-traveler in the way to affirm the living style of Vietnamese upper class.

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