Quartzite and quartz in furniture design

Quartzite and quartz have very small differences, thus customers and experts are usually confused of them. A lot of people do not distinguish them, this all the more makes mistakes between these two types. Please let us learn about these differences.

Each type has individual advantages and disadvantages, distinguishing them is important in our furniture design, especially kitchen tables.

It is a natural stone type similar to marble, lime or sandstone. It has the similar composition of sand which is formed by heating in high pressure

It is made of quartzite (about 90%) bended with other mixtures (10%) including polymer and coloring agents

Differences between quartzite and quartz
They have differences of appearance and function. In fact, granitic rocks have high hardness, thus quartzite and quartz are not an exception, having high hardness and durability. However, we need consider the following factors to obtain desired kitchen table or bath room.

Diversity and identity
Because quartzite comes from our nature mother, it is diversified, there are never two same stone slabs.

Meanwhile, quartz has diversified stripes, with breakthroughs of technology and technique, it is more and more difficult to distinguish between quartz and quartzite. Nevertheless, due to mass production in large quantity, the similarity among rocks is common.

Temperature-resistant or easy-to-clean?
In addition to hardness, almost everyone will wonder whether that stone slab is temperature-resistant or dirt stuck or not, especially for cooking lovers or multi-children families.
Quartzite is more temperature-resistant so it is commonly used in kitchen, and we can put hot pan on kitchen without worry.
On the other hand, the quartz structure makes it difficult to stick dirt, thus we can use spotlessly white kitchen table made of quartz without worry about cleaning.
For this reason, if you are considering in selecting between quartzite and quartz, please think about the intended use for material selection.
Of course, we had better clean every day.

Spot or scratch
Spots are not dirts, they exist wherever we use a lots or under certain light. Dark spots often exist next to pot sink like dry water drops. And these spots exist in quartzite much more. Because quartzite and quartz are not easily worn, we can use dark quartz for beautiful bath rooms.
It is easy for quartzite in nice stripes to hide scratches more, thus quartzite is more effective option for scratches.
Quartz surface is more identical, so scratches are really remarkable. However, items like toothbrush will not cause scratches, thus we can use quartz here.
Other special uses
Quartz may be used for other purposes like stove construction. Living room with quartz stove is just the most luxurious and sophisticated space decoration.

Still a unique and extraordinary decoration? Hanging a stone flag as an artwork (you require a firm wall). A quartzite stone flag in unique color creates an extraordinary look. But, if you like abstraction or modernization, quartz is an appropriate option.

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