The charm “Private and full of emotions” in Ha Do apartment with area of 50m2

When people have a need to enjoy, a beautiful house, a beautiful space is what we aim for, that is when you need an architect to transfer your wishes into reality. Below, there is a masculine apartment with the distinctiveness of Mr. Vinh in Ha Do apartment, District 10 with an area of 50m2.

The deep, cold color tone and angular design are the main elements used by BellaHome for this Saigon boy’s apartment, the coherent, logical space division is also the strength to make the apartment much more spacious compared with the area of 50m2.

As desired by the homeowner, the home’s furniture is used with mainly white color combined with decorative gray patches to create the highlight, at the same time the design also makes the most of natural light to limit lights. An extremely interesting thing about this apartment is that the owner has used the artificial star ceiling to create a sparkling stary sky, star ceiling makes the viewer feel like watching the scenery in the nature, feel warm, fanciful, romantic every time the night falls.

Possessing a clearance of ​​50m2, Ha Do apartment – District 10 is an extremely suitable space for small families. However, the situation of the apartment when being handed over is not optimal in the division of space, BellaHome – The design unit broke down unreasonable partitions and divided the room to make the most of the area.

Designed for 2 people, the furniture and equipment of Mr. Vinh’s apartment are adequate and convenient for a family. Unlike apartments that are often “full” after finishing the furniture, on the contrary, BellaHome’s architect has brought a feeling of spaciousness and airiness, the department is even larger than an empty apartment at the time being handed over. This also shows the ingenuity of BellaHome’s people who have got Vision- Dedication- Talent in choosing the right furniture, helping to optimize the area for the whole department.

The apartment is divided into 4 main functional areas: living room, kitchen, bedroom and walking closet. The most prominent feature in the design is in the living room, where the stretching wall system is responsible for connecting the living room and the kitchen, creating a strong visual impression, making the lines in the design more harmonious with each other.

Pure white color alternated in interior design helps to neutralize the coldness of gray blue tone and the boldness of dark color of wood. The balance in color and functional space distribution are the advantages of this 50m2 apartment that the Architects of Bella Home have brought, making the apartment strong, masculine but still harmonious and comfortable.

The living room is simply arranged with a gray sofa placed next to the entrance to the balcony. The curtain frame is selected with smooth white tone to expand the visual space, the glossy white TV stand made from Acrylic material, combined with the cleverly designed storage shelf with drawers for storing a lot of furniture to make the room tidier and neater.

Although the homeowner is male, the kitchen is arranged and decorated quite neatly, the refrigerator is chosen to fit right into the entrance to the apartment. With the main cold white space that Vinh adores, the refrigerator is one of the most impressive highlights.

Because the owners of the apartment are two boys, and the area is limited, BellaHome has maximally saved the space by using handy furniture that combines features. It is the combination of a kitchen bar as a dining table to save space, even planning a more scientific and uniform kitchen.

More importantly, this layout is convenient, the owner can prepare and cook right next to the other member who is waiting for a warm meal.

This bar surrounds the cooking space, separating the kitchen and other spaces, creating a harmonious and convenient layout. Moreover, this combination also solves the problem of moving in small space, making it easier and more convenient.

Another multi-function device that makes Vinh’s apartment more compact is a multi-function 2-storey mobile stand with 360 wheels, which is very suitable for an apartment with modern style. Household appliances will be neatly arranged to help homeowners save space thoroughly, it has wheels so it is easy to move from the kitchen or living room, and the grid is designed so that it does not stagnant water to prevent bacteria and dust.

Bedroom with cold tones, giving modern features. The bed is gray, the end of bed is covered with glossy Acrylic, lines and colors of the basic furniture is perfect. From the bed, the desk, you can look out into the space through the window.

With a small but awesome space, each member living in the family feels full of love and affection thanks to the creative space layout.

The area is not much, only 50m2, but the owners of the apartment have a luxurious walking closet to satisfy their own passion. This room is cared by BellaHome in accordance with the strict requirements of the owners, the details are maximized, so that all the lines are carefully focused on, showing an individual mark.

BellaHome uses a gray wood color, combined with a glossy black door to keep the cabinet block from being heavy, and at the same time uses decorative LED lights to increase the warmth and the drawers are equipped with convenient sliding trays. With neat and convenient closets, all wall surfaces are utilized to design ceiling closets, giving homeowners have much storage space.

Being a fastidious and proper person and arranging everything by himself, he feels very satisfied with this design. The apartment is suitable for young people who want to live in a space created exclusively for themselves. If you love this style, please contact BellaHome immediately for the consultancy on design – construction, creation of your living space.

Project information:

Project name: Ha Do Apartment – Mr. Vinh

Location: District 10 – Ho Chi Minh City

Area: 50m2 (Clearance area).

Design- construction firm: Bella Home.

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