Instructing how to clean sofa simply and effectively

Today, a lot of people love leather furniture, but no everyone understands it. For the furniture, leather sofa is always loved, but no everyone knows ow to clean them effectively. The following are tips to clean sofa simply but effectively for you.


Important notes in cleaning leather sofa
Sofa can be cleaned more easily than fabric or felt sofa but it is not enough to use a wet wiper only.

Some people uses detergents, chemical agents for better cleaning. These detergents can directly damage your sofa or regular use of these detergents make sofa lifetime reduced.

Therefore, the use of detergents is not recommended without notes for leather sofa, before buying, you should carefully ask these detergents to check whether they are secure for your sofa or not.

Instructions of leather sofa clean-up
Cleaning leather sofa by vinegar
Vinegar is an effective material which is used to clean many household apparatuses including your sofa. You should soak a white soft wiper into water solution and white vinegar, squeeze and wipe onto sofa surface.  This leather sofa clean-up is quite simple but effective without impact on leather color.

Cleaning leather sofa by liquor
In the wet weather, it is easy for your leather sofa to get moldy, while liquor is useful to remove fungus cells. You are required to blend liquor and warm water in ratio 1:1, use a soft wiper to absorb this mixture and wipe. This is an effective way to clean sofa and the best thing to use a dryer in fresh air mode, avoiding high temperature, note that sofa is affected with overuse.

Cleaning leather sofa by baking soda
Baking soda is also a loved detergent in many families, which is evaluated as the most effective cleaning way. You need have a soft wiper, which is soaked into warm water previously, absorbed in baking soda, then clean out dirts and finally use another wiper, which is also soaked into warm water previously, to clean. After cleaning, you should place sofa in cool place so that sofa is naturally dry.

Removing ball-point pen ink on leather sofa
You can use one of the following materials: Use alcohol/dead skin remover/hairspray/nail polish remover. Select one solution and then absorb in a white wiper, directly clean dirts, wait for 4-5 minutes and clean again by clean wiper. Continue to use diluted soap solution to clean again, ink pen dirts will almost disappear.

However, no all leathers are suitable with the said materials, thus before using, you had better try a part of leather at the corner or in hard-to-see positions of sofa in advance to check whether leather is discolored or worn, broken or not.

The foregoing are some tips to clean leather sofa for your reference. Some notes for you are to use available materials, if you find them ineffectively, please find out dedicated products for leather material so that your sofa is always beautiful as if it is brand new.

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