Unique decorative lamps

These unique nigh lamps will be very impressive furniture gifts to your bed room. These lamps are decisive to the atmosphere in the entire room, surely making your home become stylized by many times.

The bed room design in these unique shapes is evaluated as a smart, unique item in small area, in tidy design while its light quantity is still ensured like normal night lamp. Or it is still enough for you to read each book before sleeping. The light will be illuminated from the head of this wood bird.

The strange look of this bended night lamp is that it is made of a branch of tree making a lot of people look back on an artwork rather than a lamp.  To make this lamp, it is selected from ribbons in steam bending method for wood softening. A long LED lamp is cleverly mounted in ribbon to finish this impressive night lamp.


This lamp is inspired from wood and a metaphor of the body, like bone or muscle, wood may be bended freely until a critical point, it will be broken. Like material limitation, it is impossible to see two same bended lamps.

When deciding to own this design, it means that you possess a unique furniture decoration.


It is ever considered as a crazy, impractical idea, but the the designer has realized it, this design is quite intelligent, attracting viewers. The bended metal part is changed into movable lamp foot.

This lamp has the simple design, making the room clearer compared to verbose lamps. For wall lamp, you use only two sets in a room with large area, or one set in a room with small area.

It is considered as impressive and remarkable design by many designers, the lamp has the unique style, with this design, your house furniture will be surprisingly perfect.

Subtlety is shown in each detail, which the stork-shaped lamp has yellow color, the light is illuminated from stork beak, you can adjust the use accordingly. A stork-shaped lamp lighted up in the night is always the top selection for art lovers.

Chandeliers in various styles, shapes, colors, samples immediately become an item which welcomes solicitingly and finds out a lot providing with many luminance levels, colors in the same product. You can absolutely adjust them by remote control, which is convenient in each functional space and needs of use.

Being not too sophisticated in design line, with some round faced-down frame details only, you immediately have beautiful handmade lamp to decorate in your house.


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